Kivra, Sweden

A paper here, a receipt there. Can you relate? Kivra has a better idea. Imagine letters, bills, receipts, uploads, and other important things – all in one app. Smart, secure, and sweet for the environment.

Eliq, Sweden

Energy providers are increasingly adopting energy-as-a-service models, as traditional business models start to crumble. Eliq help providers to accelerate and benefit from that change.

Inov8, Pakistan

Inov8’s vision is to use technology and innovation for enabling access to mobile financial services for the unbanked and to make mobile payments more convenient for the banked.



Kivra is a place where you can collect your important stuff. Letters, invoices, receipts and more.


White label product with 15+ applications in different markets.

Meezan bank

Mobile banking app for one of the most popular banks.


Mobile banking app with Masterpass feature.