Hi, I'm Rohail 

Android Engineer

Crafting Seamless Mobile Experiences.



7+ Years Exp.

 Jetpack compose, Kotlin, Java, Clean arch., MVVM ..

20+ Applications

Most used and loved apps in Sweden & Pakistan.


Helping small businesses to understand and build their systems.

++ Good Vibes

Boosting positivity quotient!

Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.

— Alan Turing

Philosophy & Vision

In the world of computers and programs, a software engineer's philosophy goes beyond just technical stuff. It's like combining careful coding with smart ways of living. Imagine when you fix problems in your code, you also look inside yourself and improve. This philosophy is about using creativity to turn challenges into cool solutions and ideas into real things. Just like how code starts as an idea and becomes a working program, life's journey is about making your dreams come true. This way of thinking also means valuing important relationships, taking care of yourself, and making the world better. It's a bit like how engineers take care of their software so it keeps working well. In the end, it's all about connecting technology and being human, creating a meaningful path in both your job and your life.

Functional Principles for Life

Embrace efficient problem-solving, continuous improvement, and adaptability as you navigate life's challenges. Employ creative innovation, systematic planning, and collaboration to craft a fulfilling path. Learn from setbacks with a debugging mindset, gather feedback, and optimize your balance, ethics, and simplicity. Much like in coding, prioritize user-centered interactions and automate routine tasks for efficiency. Through these principles, intertwine the wisdom of a software engineer into the fabric of your life, fostering growth, resilience, and meaningful connections.

Environmental Sustainability Footprint

Make smart choices to use less, use renewable energy, and make less trash. Think about how you travel and use things like water and energy. Help protect nature, support things that are good for the environment, and teach others to do the same. By doing these things, you can help keep the Earth healthy for the future.